How to Choose ASO Keywords for The Best Roguelike Games?

How to Choose ASO Keywords for The Best Roguelike Games?

As a subdivision of RPG games, Roguelike games attract those proficient players with their unpredictable, random content and interesting cracking skills. This special genre stands out in many games due to its unique charm and gradually becomes popular. Even though many games in the app store have labeled themselves as “Roguelike” games, Roguelike games are still a niche market.

So, how to seize the opportunity in the Roguelike game application market? ASO(App Store Optimization) is the most direct and effective method besides product optimization. Suppose you, as a game player, want to try a good Roguelike game, what would you do? Of course, go to the app store to search and choose the top-ranked game. Keywords are an important factor that directly affects the ranking of games in the app store. How to make better use of keywords to improve the ranking of applications? We selected five best Roguelike games from’s Roguelike game rankings and analyzed their keyword usage skills.

Knights of Pen&Paper 2

Knights of Pen&Paper 2 is a role-playing game developed by Kyy Games. And provide download service through Steam. Based on the old version, Knights of Pen&Paper 2 has made overall improvements to the art, gameplay and story of the game. However, the players did not rate the new version very highly, criticizing it for being too similar to the old version, making it shorter and simpler. Surprisingly, according to, Knights of Pen&Paper 2 ranks first among similar games! This proves that Knights of Pen&Paper 2 is excellent in the use of keywords, which directly offsets the negative impact of poor product quality.

Most of the keywords in Knights of Pen&Paper 2 are related to the name of the game application. As a second-generation game, using the traffic of the old version of the game to increase the exposure of the new game is the first choice. Knights of Pen&Paper 2 also included the game category “RPG” as a keyword in the introduction, which is a practice worth learning from. In addition, putting the low-difficulty and high-traffic keyword”knights of”into the application profile will further improve the ranking of the application.

The Wanderer (The Wanderer: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival)

The Wanderer is an “Apocalyptic Survival based on F2P text” game inspired by “Fallout”. As a survivor after the disaster, the player wanders alone in the wasteland. Players must collect supplies, improve equipment, raise pets, build camps, and repel robbers alone. Random levels increase the difficulty of the game, but also make the game more challenging. 

This is a very good game, but the developers don’t seem to pay much attention to keyword optimization. The Wanderer has no characteristics in the choice of keywords, although it ranks second. If I were the ASO optimizer of the game, I would start with the game type to choose keywords. For example, “Fallout” and “Roguelike”, these two keywords have high traffic and low difficulty. Writing these two keywords into the introduction and application description can greatly increase application traffic.

AI Dungeon 

AI Dungeon is a free-to-play single-player and multiplayer text adventure game which uses artificial intelligence to generate unlimited content. It also allows players to create and share their own custom adventure settings. The game’s first version was made available on Colab in May 2019, and its second version (initially called AI Dungeon 2) was released online and for iOS & Android in December 2019. The AI model was then upgraded in July 2020.

In the selection of ASO keywords, AI Dungeon focuses on the game category. For example, “text adventure”, “text rpg”, etc. These keywords related to the game category constitute the main source of traffic. It is indeed a very efficient way to choose low-difficulty and high-traffic game categories as keywords.

Soul Knight

Soul Knight is a roguelike game released on April 18, 2017. The mobile terminal supports Android and iOS platforms. The Nintendo Switch version was released on September 19, 2019. The plot of the game is that the high-tech alien creatures in the game take away the magic stone that maintains the balance of the magical world, and the player must take back the magic stone to save the world. Players need to control the game character selected by the player, check the battle records in the lobby and prepare for battle, use weapons, character skills and talents (passive skills) to fight the enemy and avoid attacks during the battle, and finally win.

Similar to Knights of Pen&Paper 2, Soul Knight’s main traffic sources are keywords related to the application name. It is worth noting that one of Soul Knight’s traffic sources is another similar game-“Enter the Gungeon”. Putting the name of a game with low difficulty and high traffic into the introduction or description is a creative idea for keyword optimization!

Onebite Adventure

OneBit Adventure is a casual roguelike dungeon crawler where players need to explore the world and continue to go up as players evolve and engage against rogue enemies. players’ primary focus in OneBit Adventure is to survive. There are a plethora of monsters players must defeat and will have to use all their skills to survive as far as they can.

Onebite Adventure’s biggest source of traffic is the keyword “rogue like”. In the case of poor performance of other keywords, Onebite Adventure has brought huge traffic to the game by writing this low-difficulty and high-traffic keyword into the application profile.

Roguelike game keyword selection skills

Roguelike games have a natural advantage: the keyword “Roguelike” has low difficulty and high traffic. Roguelike games can select this keyword or query related keywords through Choose a low-difficulty and high-traffic keyword to write in the application profile to increase traffic and improve ranking. For example, the keyword-“card roguelike” is a very good choice.


When you are at a loss for the choice of game keywords, it is better to start with the game category or similar game name, choose a low-difficulty, high-traffic keyword and put it in the application introduction or description, which will greatly improve the ranking of the game and increase traffic of the game. Of course, this is a task that is difficult to complete independently and requires the assistance of an efficient ASO tool. Try, it will bring great convenience to your keyword selection.

Of course, once and for all things do not exist. You need to pay attention to changes in keywords’traffic and difficulty, and update them in time to ensure maximum application traffic. If you are interested in keywords’selection in other game categories, you can learn from ASO Skills of The Best Civilization Games and ASO Skills of The Best Fallout Games.