How to View App Downloads Estimates and App Revenue Estimates Data?

How to View App Downloads Estimates and App Revenue Estimates Data?

As as everyone knows, the two official platforms-IOS and Android never publish the data of app downloads and revenue to users. Under the extremely fierce competition in the application store, in the face of thousands of apps and the severe competition of a large number of similar products, how could you know yourself as well as the enemy? For the millions of app developers, product managers, operation promotion students, investors and media people, the request for these two data is very urgent.

How are head apps operating recently? What is the recent revenue of current mainstream competitive products? Through application download and revenue, you can quickly and intuitively understand the current operation status of a product. In the past, we can only master the data of our own products, but the market performance of competitive products can only be estimated from its list ranking, top charts and keywords ranking. How can we get better understanding of the strength and industry trend of competitive products? These two-core data are absolutely important and urgently needed by everyone. Because of this, manufacturers and developers will not easily disclose the real data to everyone. Therefore, top app analysis tools or platforms have successively developed their own technical means to optimize their own models. The purpose is to obtain all publicly available data other than downloads and revenue, to estimate downloads and revenue.

ASOTools two important decisions of core data optimized and enabling products upgraded

App downloads and revenue have always been the core data for developers, media people and venture capitalists to understand the product market performance and grasp the pulse of the industry.

Recently, ASOTools heavily updated the two core data indicators of "app revenue estimation" and "download estimation", further enhanced data accuracy, multi-dimensional displayed product market performance, fully met the needs of users for application data, and comprehensively realized the high guiding value of data-driven product strategy, promotion strategy and business decision-making.

"App downloads" can directly reflect the popularity of a product in the market and help you quickly understand the suction capacity and life cycle of a product. The "revenue estimation" directly reflects the gold absorption ability of a product. Through revenue analysis, we understand the market competitiveness and audience ability of this product. By combining the two, we will easily understand the user payment value of this product.

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Downloads details of Roblox
Revenue details of Roblox

These data provide very important guiding value in product related decision-making.

1. For developers:

When selecting products for project approval, the project team make plans through download volume & revenue, analyze the size of the head Market of the developed products, the number of user audience groups, how the market competition is, the new estimates that can be brought every day, the user acquisition cost and other dimensions, and determine the final decision of the product direction.

2. For product managers:

During competitive product analysis, you can use these two data to understand whether the product functions are liked by users, whether they can attract users to pay, and compare and analyze the deficiencies in the same direction, so as to adjust the product strategy and adjust and optimize the value and function playing method of the app.

3. For operation / promotion personnel:

During product promotion, you can use these two data to observe the recent app store traffic and product revenue, compare the ROI of competitive products, and analyze whether it is suitable to launch products in the near future, so as to maximize your own ROI.

At the same time, it analyzes what efforts competitive products have made in the promotion strategy and operation activities, and what is worthy of reference, so as to adjust the operation promotion strategy and help the products achieve fine operation.

4. For investors and media people:

When making product back adjustment, investors can quickly grasp the latest trends of the industry through the support of these two data. At the same time, "app Downloads & revenue" also provides important data support for media people to write article analysis products.

The algorithm model is continuously optimized, and the data is accurate and reliable.

The two functions of "app revenue estimation" and "download estimation" rely on the massive and big data advantages of ASOTools to complete the estimation through efficient and accurate algorithms, to provide you with accurate and reliable data experience. The model is optimized and calibrated at the highest day level based on real data.

At present, the download revenue covers all countries and regions in the world, to achieve accurate estimation at the monthly level of all applications. In the future, it will support day level data estimation, and the data will support the differentiated viewing of various countries and regions, to make your mobile market strategy more accurate.

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More over, the two functions of "app revenue estimation" and "download estimation" are open to all users free of charge! Free! Free! Now you can enjoy it for free by logging in to ASOTools platform, so that you can master competitive product data anytime and anywhere and gain insight into the pulse of the industry! After you subscribe to the app, there will be more dimensions of current and historical data waiting for you to explore.

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We have been committed to providing users with high-quality data services. The optimized "app revenue estimation" and "download estimation" functions further meet your data needs for different scenarios and dimensions. We hope everyone of you could feel our efforts and sincerity and are committed to providing stronger data support for small and medium-sized developers. If you have any suggestions, welcome to leave a message for us.