April 10, 2021

ASOTools——How to Do Keyword Monitoring for ASO? Best ASO Tools for You

About 67% of app downloads come from organic app store search. This means people tend to search for a specific app using some generic search terms in the app store. Every newcomer to ASO knows that optimizing keyword strategies is very important for ASO. 
March 26, 2021

App Store Screenshot Guidelines: All Tips for Ios & Google Play

Whether in the App store or Google play, app screenshots profoundly affect the user's first impression of an app. App screenshots are used as app showcase windows to influence app conversions. According to Storemaven, if the app screenshot is optimized, the conversion rate will increase by 28%. It is important to note that users find apps by searching for keywords, and the higher the relevance of app screenshots to the keywords, the more it will attract users' attention. You can use ASOTools to optimize the keywords in the screenshots. In this article, you will find the most complete guidelines to optimizing your application screenshots.
March 19, 2021

How to Choose ASO Keywords for The Best Batman Games? | Game Promotion

With the end of DC's Batman series, there are a lot of role-playing fighting games set in the Batman world on the market. Searching for the keyword "Batman" on ASOTools.io, you will find 700 results matching the search term. This reinforces the fact that competition is still very strong even in the area of batman games under the game category.
March 11, 2021

Keyword Tool Vs ASOTools

When you are working on App Store Optimization Services, in order to help you choose the best App Store keywords in Google Play or Apple App Store, it is worth studying this report carefully. This keyword research report about keywords will use the data collected by ASOTools for a comprehensive analysis. 
March 11, 2021

ASO Skills of The Best Fallout Game | Game Promotion

In the more than a year of COVID-19, the fallout game ushered in the second large-scale rise. Not only because the long-term isolation of the home caused the growth of hand downloads but also because of the fallout game theme echo. Fallout game has a stronger immersive experience, survival, and adventure than other themes.
March 11, 2021

ASO100(七麦数据) Vs ASOTools

March 11, 2021

App Store Ranking Tracker: Start Your ASO(App Store Optimization)

Did you know that most people find your app by browsing the app store? This is still true in 2021. So a top position in the app store ranking is and always will be a crucial factor for the success of your app, whether it is an iOS or Android App, as the app store ranking algorithm is what will decide your success. You must need an app store ranking tracker.
March 11, 2021

The best 43 ASO tools[update 2020.11]

If you are doing App Store keyword research with the keyword inspector, we recommend that you create a specification for your app store keyword optimization. Well, after establishing the theoretical basis of App Store optimization, let's make a case analysis and study the specific data performance of this keyword in Google Store and Apple App store with app store optimization tools.
March 08, 2021

What are Similar Apps and How Do They Work?

The concept of Similar App should not be unfamiliar to anyone, because it is a feature that only shows in the Google Play Store and suggests “related” applications. For example, when a user searches for the keyword “Facebook” in the Google Play Store, and then taps into any of the displayed apps, a list will appear on the right side of the app’s details screen, which includes: “Similar content “, “Other Facebook products”.
March 04, 2021

7 ASO Tools to Help Track App Store Ranking [ Free and Paid Included]

ASO, which stands for app store optimization. In the development of mobile internet today, the number of apps is increasing every year. In such a format, it is difficult to make your app stand out. Therefore we need to do a good job of app store optimization so that we can attract a global audience and high quality users by increasing the visibility of the app store, reducing user acquisition costs, getting more downloads, increasing app revenue and so on.