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What you need for mobile app competitive analysis is all here.

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Tiny but Complete

We only focus on 46 countries and 2 platforms - Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In the meantime, we cover 6 million Apps and keep daily updating, striving to bring the best data service to our scoped groups.

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Safe & Clean

We won't require any access to your developer console account or ask you to connect it before accessing any data. We'll leave it safe and untouched to erase your privacy concern.

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We know you've noticed the lower prices on ASOTools if compared to other similar tools. The reasons are we only concentrate on a limited scope and we charge only for what is needed!

Knowing What Your Competitors Have Done


Unlock Apps' ASO Localization Strategies

It's always hard to have both accuracies in expression and efficiency in ASO (App Store Optimization) when localizing in-store app materials.
The shortcut to the perfect solution is hidden in top competitors' product pages.
Check competitors' localized app pages cross-country, and you'll learn how they meticulously design the previews, what their picked words are, and what style they use to attract their users.

Unlock  Apps' ASO Localization and ASO Strategies
find keywords from app store optimization and google play optimization


Grasp Chances from App Keywords

Wondering what effort your competitors put into ASO marketing, and what turns out? Check their ASO Keyword map!
What to focus on:
1. Keywords they use to exceed search ranks - can also be yours.
2. Regions where their ASO strategy is performing poorly - could be your overtaking lanes.


Monitor Apps' Marketing Move

Peek at competitors' Facebook campaigns, to get an idea of what efforts they put into advertising and what results could be (by the changes in Google search trends, app download, etc). Creatives used in ads can also be inspirations for app preview materials.

Track mobile app marketing

Konwing What Your Competitors Got

Accurate App Downloads

Besides the total downloads an app gets in app stores, download statics on a finer basis can be the best to show how app downloads trend in different periods. That's what ASOTools offers - monthly and even daily records of app downloads, breakdown by country/region.

Accurate Estimate of App Revenue

⬅️ ⬅️ Similar to what's written on the left.

Monthly Active Users

MAU of competitive apps is a good indicator when judging their audience size and level. ASOTools calculates the MAU of apps based on a self-developed algorithm, which you can totally trust!

In-Store Performance

Get first-hand information on competitors' in-store achievements, such as category ranks, search ranks, reviews, and ratings.


Handy Little Features

View all localized product pages in one page!

Discover similar apps to your target for research.

Extend the usage scenario on Chrome!

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