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1. About ASOTools

ASOTools is a free aso tool & professional app data provider that helps iOS and Android app developers boost their app downloads. Our biggest advantages are the widely-covered app and keyword database, as well as the accurate estimation of app downloads and revenue.
App Intelligence is a competitor research tool that collects, analyzes, and aggregates mobile app data to gain deeper insights into your competitors.
The data helps you make business strategies by reading the variation. The growth of downloads indicates App recent updates and strategies are successful.
The Keywords Research Tool of ASOTools studies well-performing mobile apps to discover keywords that drive traffic, have potential, or should be avoided. You can easily expand your keywords with ASOTools from in-use keywords of other apps, store suggestions, or our AI recommendations. Localized ASO keyword intelligence is also live now!
ASOTools Market Intelligence aggregates all the app data we collect from Google Play and App Store, to present a picture of the trends & opportunities in the mobile industry for data-driven decisions.
Our target audiences are all of the appers. We serve individual developers, SMB, and also big enterprises as long as you are working with Apps.
We have 50 Million keywords and 6 Million Apps for both iOS and Android in our database. Our data points are over 1 billion in total.
For those popular Apps which often attend Store Ranking, we keep data updated daily. Moreover, if you add an App to your Subscription, the data will be updated daily as well.

2. About App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization. ASO comprises many integral parts including keywords, app titles, and descriptions. It is an official and legal way to optimize your App. It is also a good opportunity for all of the Apps because everyone is in front of the same starting line.
We provide you with various data, therefore, you could easily find the highest cost-effective words, we also automatically provide keyword suggestions.

3. About Account & Billing

We do not support changing the email address. If you want to change it, you can just recreate a new account with a new email address.
There are 2 ways to change your password.
(1)Reset your password at https://asotools.io/user/forgot 
(2)Go to Profile from the username at the top right, click "Change Password", fill in the blanks then "Submit Change".
For monthly subscriptions, AmzChart accepts payment via Alipay and cards of VISA/MasterCard/American Express/China UnionPay.
Please kindly check our refund policy
Yes, you can cancel your subscription whenever you'd like to. Even after cancellation, you can still use the remainder of your bill and it won’t subscribe to the next cycle after the expiration.
Simply log in to your account, click Profile from the username in the top right corner, go to Plan, click “cancel subscription” and confirm on each step. No need to call, email, or talk to anyone!
After cancellation, please do recheck your account status and ensure there is no upcoming payment.
We only offer digital invoices. You can go to Profile - Invoice from the username in the top right corner to check/download your invoices.
You can go to Plan and click the “↑Upgrade” button, or visit the Pricing page directly, choose a more advanced plan and pay for the price difference, then it’ll work.
Sorry, you cannot downgrade your plan directly. If you want to change your plan, please cancel your current subscription first, then resubscribe to another plan next month.
Sorry, you cannot update your card information directly. If you insist on doing so, you can cancel your current subscription first, then resubscribe with updated card info.
You are automatically granted Free Plan when you complete your account registration. Free Plan provides 3 search queries daily.