MONOPOLY GO! - What Made It the Best-Selling Game in the US App Store in 2024?

MONOPOLY GO! – What Made It the Best-Selling Game in the US App Store in 2024?

By: Rock Li 2024-03-31 21:16:10
the Best-Selling Game in the US App Store in 2024

MONOPOLY GO! has dominated the top 1 on the App Store's gaming bestseller list for over 100 days.

According to ASOTools' App Store ranking monitoring data, the game "MONOPOLY GO!" has consistently held the top spot on the gaming bestseller list since 2024, maintaining its position at number one for over 100 consecutive days.

MONOPOLY GO! rank list on appstore
AppStore TopChart Monitor-ASOTools

While "MONOPOLY GO!" may not always rank high on the overall charts, usually hovering around the top 20, its consistent position at the top of the gaming bestseller list demonstrates its formidable monetization capabilities.

Top Ranking Changes of "MONOPOLY GO!" in 2024
Top Ranking Changes of "MONOPOLY GO!" in the Last 30 Days-ASOTools

Since its launch in April 2023, "MONOPOLY GO!" has experienced rapid growth within just a few months, reaching a significant scale, and maintaining its position at the top of the charts thereafter.

Trends in downloads and revenue for MONOPOLY GO! over the past year:

Download data of MONOPOLY GO! 2024
Download data of MONOPOLY GO!
2024 Revenue data of MONOPOLY GO!
Revenue data of MONOPOLY GO!

What can we learn from MONOPOLY GO!

Achieving such remarkable success in such a short period and maintaining a stable position at the top, MONOPOLY GO! offers at least three valuable lessons:

1.Exploration of Niche Markets:

MONOPOLY GO! is an interactive game app designed for friends and family, making it ideal for gatherings and parties. A glance at the app rankings reveals that MONOPOLY GO! had no direct competitors on the charts. Launched in April last year, MONOPOLY GO! capitalized on this niche market, particularly as the world emerged from the shadows of the pandemic in 2023, capturing a significant portion of its user base.

2.Consistent App Iterations:

By observing the app's update history, it becomes evident that MONOPOLY GO! has maintained a steady pace of updates, continually introducing new gameplay and features to sustain user engagement. Given its nature as a party interactive game, ongoing and stable updates are crucial decisions to keep users invested.

MONOPOLY GO!" 2024 version update record
MONOPOLY GO!" 2024 version update record

3.Combining Advertising with ASO Optimization:

Before MONOPOLY GO!, there were many similar games, but none achieved such remarkable success. Apart from seizing the opportunity in the niche market last year, another significant factor is the substantial advertising efforts, particularly on social media platforms. Through extensive advertising, MONOPOLY GO! swiftly captured users' attention, leaving little room for competitors to catch up.

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