What Is ASO | Nine Keys to Optimize ASO!

What Is Aso|Nine Keys to Optimize Aso!

What Is Aso?

ASO is the abbreviation of App Store Optimization, which means application store optimization. ASO can improve your app’s ranking in the app store and search engine rankings. ASO optimization is to use App Store search rules and ranking rules to make your app more likely to be seen and clicked on by more people, thereby increasing downloads. Its key lies in the optimization of the app’s keyword ranking.

What Will Affect The Effect of ASO?

Application Name

As a product category, application name is undoubtedly an important factor affecting application exposure and download. The application name is composed of the main title and the subtitle. Once the name is determined, it cannot be changed. The name usually contains the essence of the application. If the initial name design is not in place, it is likely to affect the overall development direction of the app.

Keywords Related to The Application

The keywords or tags filled in when uploading the application are just like the "keywords" tags filled in when creating a web page. Users can search for many apps based on some keywords they want at any time, and the development of App Store ranking rules is obviously not mature enough to ignore keywords, so if you want to increase exposure and popularity, you must think about what your app needs to set Key words.

Application Overview

The overview should be appropriate keywords to describe the content of the app. The overview usually appears below the app name. From a consumer's point of view, a detailed and clear overview is much more reliable than an overview that is garbled or has nothing at all. Therefore, the description of the overview determines the user's first impression of the app. Moreover, this factor will also be directly related to the click-through rate of the search results of your application, and the click-through rate of the search results may also affect the ranking of your application in the search results.

Application Icon

The icon is the soul of the application. He, the name and the overview together make up the "look" of the application. You know, few people do not make the first choice based on appearance, or are not good at appearance applications, and the content inside is estimated to not be too attractive. Therefore, a simple and beautiful application icon will definitely bring you unexpected results.

Cover And Promotional Video Displayed

The introduction page of each app will set the cover of the app and related promotional videos. Like icons, it is one of the first ways to attract users.

User Reviews And Ratings

It is one of the most important indicators for users. The users who have used it are scored according to their own experience, and the user evaluation can easily allow new users to see the information and problems that are not in the application introduction. This is also the key to urging application providers to solve problems.

App Downloads

In the application list, we can see the praise list, the popular list and the download list. Almost all users have used the download list to choose the application software that may suit them. This also creates a head effect. Applications with high downloads will always increase downloads, and newly-produced applications without excellent functional design or fan base will probably fall to nothing.

Number of Active Users And User Retention Rate

Whether it is the app’s downloads, the user’s appraisal and the app’s level, it is a great test of the content quality and tool functions of an app. In other words, the number of active users of an application and the stickiness of users are the most important indicators for testing the quality of the application.

Socially Shared Data

In an information society, people inevitably use the Internet to promote products, and applications are no exception. The user base and influence of social networking sites are unimaginable, which will undoubtedly drive the influence of social media sharing data in the ranking algorithm of the APP Store.

How to Optimize ASO?


The degree of relevance between a product and a keyword is the degree of matching, which has the following 4 points.

1. Words related to APP name

2. Words related to APP audience

3. Words related to APP business level

4. Competitive product words and competitive product keywords

We all know that words with high matching degree can better realize the conversion of users, and starting from these 4 points can provide us with more alternatives for later screening keywords, and also expand our ideas for brainstorming.


The fierce competition for a particular keyword is mainly caused by two reasons.

There must be many applications with similar functions in the same category. It is possible that the most popular and best-matched keywords in this category will be used by these applications, which can increase the popularity of keywords and fierce competition.

The ranking competition between your own APP and other APPs on a certain keyword: Everyone wants to be the top few of this keyword, which can not only increase the exposure rate, but also deepen the user's impression.


A user needs to fill in a keyword when searching for an application. The higher the number of times the keyword is searched, the higher the popularity of the keyword. So at this time, we must ensure that this keyword is very close to our application. The popularity of a particular keyword, the higher the number of times it is searched in the search, the higher the corresponding value, which is what we often say of the highly popular words.

So how do you know what keywords are considered hot words? We can borrow auxiliary tools to achieve this.

What Is The ASOTools?

ASOTools is an aso optimization tool, with more than 50 keywords and applications, and provides a free ASO analysis database.

Basic Functions of ASOTools

Discover high-potential keywords to optimize ASO

Search for any keyword in ASOTools, you can view various data of it, such as search volume, the difficulty of ranking in the top 5 of the App Store/Google Play, the number of related apps/head-apps, etc. 

Choosing the right keywords is the key to the success of ASO. For example, when we search for the keyword tool, the results are displayed in the TOP related keywords. Level tool and Ids tools are highly popular and difficult. Therefore, if we want to increase the exposure rate of the application, we must consider keywords with greater search volume and lower difficulty, and remember not to compete with those popular applications!

Uncover The Niche Market, Search Results All Around The World

Contains information about five countries: the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, and Russia.

Except for the United States, in which countries/regions does your keyword perform well? Analyze the keywords related to your app and find out their data in different countries. With ASOTools, you will be able to determine whether you can compete for keywords faster.

Get New Keyword Ideas For Your App With Auto-Suggestions

Enter tool to view related keywords in the App Store or Google Play, and provide information such as search volume, App Store/Google Play top 5 ranking difficulty, number of related apps/top apps, and traffic.

Use ASOTools to gain insight into competitors' keyword strategies within 1 minute

Want to monitor information about competitors? Enter the application name, view core keywords and data, scores, keyword rankings, etc., and easily obtain competitors' ASO strategies. Use this to surpass it and stay ahead.

Advantages of ASOTools

“There is no more targeted product than ASOTools, It was born for app keyword optimization.”

-------------Sarah Johns

There are massive keywords and application data in the ASOTools database. Currently, it supports China, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Russia in 5 countries (expanding), and focuses on the App Store and Google Play at the same time. The number of Google Play App is nearly 5 million, and the number of keywords is more than 10 million. The data is more comprehensive, far ahead Competitors.

ASOTools can take into account the channels of China and other countries at the same time. Compared with other competitors, the price advantage of ASOTools is very obvious under the premise that the accuracy of the estimated data is not lost at all.

ASOTools provides users with more comprehensive services and support, faster response and feedback of problems, and faster version update iterations.