Find Appropriate ASO Tools for Your App

Find Appropriate ASO Tools for Your App

As we all know, an application was not built in a day. We should regard it as a very difficult task, it takes a lot of time, money, efforts. Furthermore, in fact, these are not enough. For most developers, no matter how excellent your app performs, it's relatively hard for users to be familiar with it without following this step —— ASO. We judge an App as a successful case on basis of its downloads and revenue. Otherwise, the app is failed or become a flash in the pan. Find an appropriate ASO Tool among hundreds of products for your app is the first and foremost segment of user growth.

What is ASO? Why ASO?

No.1 ASO Tools ------ASOTools

ASO is App Store Optimization.

There are so many app developers these days, the market is growing more and more internationally at the same time. Big companies are focusing on global market, which means small domestic studios are suffering from narrow living space. Millions of applications are competing for the same users in the global application market. The market is cruel and ruthless. You should not expect soft advertisement in communities bring you surprise or implant advertisement by KOLs will push your product to the top of its life cycle.

Unlike other user growth methods, you could do ASO by yourself by using ASO tools. It is an important part to improve app ranking and keywords ranking. By optimize the ranking on App Store and Google Play, your app will be more forward and get more exposures.

TikTok in ASOTools

Take TikTok as an example, we could find that they are not only using their name as app keyword but also using hot competitors’ name to build their advantages and effect.

Count Masters in ASOTools

Here is another example. As a famous game on the hot list, Count Masters prefers to lay out keywords on categories like “game” and “free game” to build their strength. As a result, the strategy of keywords could be quite different, it is so called “All roads lead to Rome”,as long as you find the road fit your app.

Learn more keywords strategies from ASO Tools and keep monitoring head apps and your competitors.

What is the difference between ASO and SEO?

The similarities between SEO and ASO are:

1 Keywords is the most important point.

2 Get natural traffic by searching and browsing.

However, the difference between the two is that SEO optimizes the website for the search engine, while ASO optimizes the product for the app store. Therefore, the search results between the two will be very different.

Millions of Apps in App Store.

When a user looks for a specific feature from an app, he or she uses app store. On the other hand, if users search on the Internet, they are looking for information, transaction purposes, searching websites, etc. In a sentence, ASO reacts fast and has a relatively high conversion rate while SEO is kind of a long journey.

How people find Apps?

We are used to download apps from app store. According to the data, people usually spend 7s on determining whether to download an app, therefore we should focus on ASO and grab the 7 seconds of potential users. Remember to spend more time on studying the target market and target audience, determining their needs and behaviors, and understanding customers in advance. It enables you to collect useful insights for preparing application information, understand why they use the application, how to discover the application, the language they use, etc. You will easily complete the above steps by using ASO tools.

How to make ASO?

The optimization of keywords in ASO can help developers make their applications rank at the top of the app store, so that it could be found directly by users. Developers need to study the relevant keywords or keyword phrases in the application. Only when they find the core keywords and understand the development trend of these keywords can they make the application rank higher in the app store. First of all, they need to create a keyword set. Only in this way can it make use of these keywords and let them optimize in the app store list. It must be said that in the list of corresponding apps in the app store, every factor of the app involved will affect ASO. For example, the inclusion of selected keywords in the title and description of an app can improve the corresponding ranking, with 80-100 and 10-20 positions respectively. Of course, the global app store has different strategies for each category, no formula can be fully applied.

Details in ASOTools.

When you study the keywords corresponding to the app, find out the keywords that describe the main functions of the app, the synonyms that describe these features, the categories that can describe the app, the common terms that correspond to the keywords, and so on. In the process of research, only to understand the traffic, difficulty and demand of these keywords. Know how many apps are already in the app store. It's also important to know if the top apps are in the app store? Whether the keyword with high traffic has been used at present, etc. In fact, Apple App store and Google play handle keywords differently. In the ASO of IOS, the keyword has only 100 characters. However, these two kinds of application descriptions are searchable. In order to get the best results in ASO for Android, use the most effective keywords in your description up to five times. But don't overdo it, or you may be punished mercilessly by GP. Search ranking optimization, especially for keywords, must be a continuous process, ASO tools help to optimize the keyword of the application store. They not only track keywords, but also evaluate them, and provide customized tips to improve the ranking of applications.

How to describe an App?

A few points for ASO details: what do the application do? What problems does it solve? How to meet the needs of users? If you need to pay, what's the price? In addition, the description should be closely related to the search algorithm of the app and the store of the corresponding app. In general, Google mainly uses these keywords to index an application. But Apple doesn't seem to be very friendly about adding keywords to the description. Don't deny the importance of application icons. Visually, application icons should be attractive and eye-catching. So, when choosing, you need to choose a color scheme, size, geometry, which can immediately leave a good impression and help convey the function of the application. Maybe these simple operations can directly make your app stand out in the app store, but make sure your app icon is different from other icons. In terms of APP design, both app stores have their own standards: for IOS, the size of the icon must be 1024 x 1024 pixels. According to the instructions on the use of the icon, it will be reduced or enlarged accordingly due to the different positions used. For example, the application icon is 180 x 180, the navigation icon is 66 x 66, and the tab bar icon is 75 x 75.

ASO tools are more than ASO.

You could get more useful data from ASO tools. As we all know, downloads, revenue and DAU&MAU are private data of each developer, which determines an app successful or not. By using ASO tools, you could easily spy head apps and your competitors.

Details in ASOTools.

Did last update help them make more profit last month? Are the tons of new users attracted by the new function? Why the MAU grew that much on last month? All the answers could be found in ASO tools.

Based on strong and accurate model, by calculating millions of data, we build our prediction database. We provide downloads, revenue, DAU&MAU prediction data of millions of apps all over the world. We also focus on the timeliness, so that our minimum time slot is daily update.