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App Analytics Tools

Acquire apps and games data insights across countries, app downloads &revenue, review trends, and competitor research.

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App Keywords Tools

Take your app to the top of search results with ASOTools via Google Play & App Store seo & aso keyword research.

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App Marketing Tools

Discover new trends & opportunities from top charts & store analytics of App store and Google Play.

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360° Mobile App Analytics & Competitive Research

Analyze your competitors' apps and learn from their strategies.

ASO analytics tools

Our aso analytics tools include a database for app details, localized product previews, developer profile, review & rating changes, app download trends, app revenue estimates… View all you need with ASOTools advanced app data collector.

App competitor research tool

Monitor your app performance across countries or benchmark your performance against competitors.

ASOTools - Mobile App Analytics

Powerful ASO Keyword Tool for App Store SEO

Discover and pick the best aso keywords that bring most traffic.

🔍 App keyword finder tool

ASO keyword tools are professional in app store optimization and app SEO audit, with keywords search volume, KD, Popularity, you can discover the long tail keywords easily.

🔧 ASO keyword analysis tool

ASOTools provides both google play keyword tool and app store keyword tool, analyzing app coverage keywords and rankings.

aso keyword finder tool

Discover New Opportunities with App Market Tools

Find out the most downloaded categories and the fastest-growing markets.

App Download and Revenue Ranking

ASOTools provides a detailed visualization of the most popular apps and most earning apps on Google Play and App Store, breakdown by category and country.

Top Store Charts


With ASOTools' traceable app store ranking data, it's easier than ever to find out the industry leaders, fastest-growing dark horses, or the number of installs that are needed to hit the board.

App Market ASO Tools

Best ASO Tool Box for Google Play & App Store Optimization

Worldwide Tracking: covering 46 countries

ASO tools for both Android and iOS apps

500M+ AI keyword suggestions

App icons & localizd store previews

Multidimensional chart analysis

Advertising & google search trends

API: Support data api integration

Free ASO tools are available

Free ASO Tools Extension

Free ASO Tools Extension

🔥 Best ASO Tools for Google Play Store 🔥

The FREE and BEST ASO tool (App Store Optimization) provides the missing metrics of app marketing and keyword analysis for the Android Google Play.

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The data of ASOTools is rich and helpful! Now the plan of next quarter is 100% clear for me.

maryam - a user of aso tools
Maryam Amiri

This is one of the best ASO tools , every time we update our apps, I will look at the new keyword ideas from it.

hossein - a user of aso tools
Hossein Shams

There is no more targeted product than ASOTools , how could the data estimation be that closed!

sarah - a user of aso tools
Sarah Johns

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

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ASOTools is a free aso tool & professional app data provider that helps iOS and Android app developers boost app downloads. Our biggest advantages are widely-covered app and keyword database, as well as the accurate estimation of app downloads and revenue.

App Intelligence is a competitor research tool that collects, analyzes, and aggregates mobile app data to gain deeper insights into your competitors.

The data helps you make business strategies by reading the variation. The growth of downloads indicates App recent updates and strategies are successful.

The Keywords Research Tool of ASOTools studies well-performing mobile apps to discover keywords that drive traffic, have potential, or should be avoided. You can easily expand your keywords with ASOTools from in-use keywords of other apps, store suggestions, or our AI recommendations. Localized ASO keyword intelligence is also live now!

ASOTools Market Intelligence aggregates all the app data we collect from Google Play and App Store, to present a picture of the trends & opportunities in the mobile industry for data-driven decisions.

Yes, ASOTools is applicable for both iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store. You can get insights into apps and keywords for both platforms with this aso tool.

Our target audiences are all of the appers. We serve individual developers, SMB and also big enterprises as long as you are working with Apps.

We have 50 Million Keywords, 6 Million Apps of both iOS and Android in our database. Our data points are over 1 billion in total.

For those popular Apps which often attend Store Ranking, we keep data updated daily. Moreover, if you add an App to your Subscription, the data will be updated daily as well.

App Store Optimization. ASO comprises many integral parts including keywords, app titles, and descriptions. It is an official and legal way to optimize your App. It is also a good opportunity for all of the Apps because everyone is in front of the same starting line.

We provide you with various data, therefore, you could easily find the highest cost-effective words, we also automatically provide keyword suggestions.

Learn to boost your app downloads with these practical and strategies ASO tools!

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ASOTools-#1 ASO Tool To Elevate Your Business Strategy
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