Tiktok revenue and usage statistics

Tiktok revenue and usage statistics

By: Rock Li 2024-05-17 16:04:04

How to know the monthly revenue and users of a certain app? Want to provide the most accurate operational data reference for your app? Our website can help you.Next, I will use the tiktok download revenue data as an example of how our site can be used and how it can help you with your ASO efforts.

Known as DouYin in the domestic market, TikTok was launched in China in September 2016.TikTok quickly gained traction in China and its parent company, ByteDance, launched an international version the following year.

Originally launched as a short-video sharing platform, TikTok has evolved into a full-fledged video service platform that provides content for all types of viewers.

ByteDance is the developer of tiktok and has extensive experience in operating the popular app. Zhang Yiming, founder and CEO of ByteDance, has incorporated a similar AI platform into TikTok, which recognizes users' interests and provides them with more relevant videos.

By searching, you can get the following data easily:

  • TikTok generated an estimated $16.1 billion revenue in 2023, a 67% increase year-on-year
  • TikTok had 1.5 billion monthly active users in 2023 and is expected to reach 1.8 billion by the end of 2024
  • In China, TikTok is accessed by over 750 million users daily
  • TikTok has been downloaded over six billion times on googleplay

Clearly, this data is outdated and one-sided. If you want to find data yourself, you can do this:

In the traditional way, for download data, you can directly view it on the app store or google play. As an example, tiktik has 1B+ downloads on google play. You can monitor the specific data changes on a daily basis by yourself. From there, you can get the download data of the app.

tiktok downloads googleplay

The problem is that when the data exceeds a certain range, it is impossible to check the detail data. For example, tiktok only shows 1B+ and there is no way to know the exact data change. This method is only useful in the early days of the app.

Also, it is not possible to do revenue and monthly activity queries.

At present, there are fewer public App monthly income data in the market, usually we will use the estimated data from some websites roughly as a reference, our website ( asotools.io ) provides you with accurate download income data for reference, and we also provide you with a trial.


Our website supports data query for more than 40 countries and regions, so you can check whether the app is available in a certain country/region.

tiktok download and revenue

For example, tiktok, in March 2024, had 19.6M downloads, 324.1M monthly activity and 61.1M revenue worldwide.

tiktok downloads worldwide in 202403

To know the app's download revenue data in a specific country/region, just add filters. As an example, in the United States, in March 2024, tiktok had 1.8M downloads and 15.8M revenue.

tiktok downloads and revenue in us

Focus on the app's download data, get a high ranking of downloads, and then use the list effect to bring in a lot of downloads, app installs are still a very important factor in ASO.

In addition to download, revenue, and monthly activity data, the site also provides app information such as developer information, version history; market performance related download estimates, revenue estimates, user usage analysis, competing apps, and store rankings; marketing campaigns related to keyword layouts, Google searches; and user engagement related to ratings and reviews data.

Our website provides professional and reliable data references for your aso work.

Market Performance

Our website provides monthly and daily download revenue data variations of the app. We use the most accurate algorithms to estimate the download revenue data, which can be used as a reference.

In addition to download revenue data, user analysis data such as app usage penetration, installed base, open rate, per capita usage, single usage duration, per capita usage duration, total active days, and other user analysis data will also be displayed to provide the most accurate and detailed reference for the app.

With the improvement of app ranking algorithms in all major app markets, it is ultimately the goal of "the app with the best user experience gets the best ranking". Therefore, for any app developer, the most important thing is to maintain the quality of the product, increase the number of active users, the percentage of active users and short-term user retention.

tiktok download estimates

Aso Keywords

What are ASO keywords?
- ASO keywords (also known as "keywords" or "key phrases") are terms that are added to an app's description, title content in the app store with the goal of improving app store rankings for those terms. Most keywords are discovered during keyword research and are selected based on a combination of search volume, competition and business intent.

Why are ASO keywords important?
- When you optimize your content around the words and phrases people are searching for, your app can rank higher for those terms.

Want to do app marketing work but don't know how to choose keywords? Our website also provides aso keyword reference:

The popularity and difficulty of related words (you can check the specific data yourself, we provide a trial )

tiktok aso keywords

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