Instagram Wrapped 2023: The Rise, Controversies, and Future Concerns

Instagram Wrapped 2023: The Rise, Controversies, and Future Concerns

By: Rock Li 2024-04-26 10:52:53

What is Instagram Wrapped?

Wrapped for Instagram allows users to review their Instagram usage over the past year, revealing statistics on their most important friends, the use of thematic tags, insights into post coverage, and even whether someone might have blocked them.

The Rise and Fall of Instagram Wrapped

Wrapped for Instagram is not an official feature of Instagram; it is created by a third-party app called IGWrapped. After its release, Wrapped for Instagram quickly climbed the App Store rankings in the United States and the United Kingdom, promising users a unique and personalized experience similar to Spotify Wrapped. However, its reign was short-lived as Apple quickly removed the app due to various concerns.

Exclusive Features in Instagram Wrapped

Wrapped for Instagram offers users a "Wrapped Diamond" subscription plan, promising exclusive analysis and deep data insights into their Instagram activity. Users can even opt for the Wrapped Diamond subscription, which provides exclusive access to newly added analysis on slides and more "in-depth data", as well as weekly data summaries.

Over 100 million people watched #InstagramWrapped on TikTok, but many users commented under the videos claiming it was a scam. They alleged that Instagram users were giving their usernames and passwords to Wrapped for Instagram, raising concerns about the app's dubious data practices and the accuracy of the provided analysis, as well as potential risks of their Instagram accounts being hacked.

Instagram Sets a New Low Ratings Record

Surprisingly, Wrapped for Instagram , with a low rating of 1.2, beat Temu. This might make it the lowest-rated app to ever top the App Store rankings, further fueling controversies surrounding its legitimacy and quality.

Instagram Wrapped's Sudden Exit

Just a week after dominating the App Store, Wrapped for Instagram was suddenly removed. This removal might have been due to concerns about hacking and the fraudulent nature of the app and could have been influenced by pressure from Instagram's parent company, Meta. Although Wrapped for Instagram offers interesting insights, it is not without its pitfalls.

The app's rapid popularity did not bring transparency, leaving users in the dark about data management. Historical data leaks and privacy breaches in similar apps serve as clear reminders of the risks involved.

Furthermore, Meta's response to Wrapped for Instagram highlighted the potential for policy violations. The platform's privacy policy is designed to protect users, and any app that violates these policies could pose a significant threat to user privacy.

This is not just a policy issue; it's a matter of principle. Users entrust their personal data to apps with the expectation of security and privacy, and any breach of this trust can have lasting consequences.

Not to mention, it might put your access to Instagram itself at risk; Meta may consider using Wrapped for Instagram a violation of its terms and conditions, thus banning any accounts using it.

App Approval and Security Measures

In the long run, third-party apps often rely on accessing user data to operate without the supervision or strong security infrastructure of existing social media platforms. This could expose users to various risks, from identity theft to targeted phishing attacks.

Therefore, the lack of detailed disclosure by Wrapped for Instagram and Meta's concerns should serve as a warning for users to think twice before granting access to their personal information.

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