How to Build the App Store Optimization(ASO) of the Popular App

How to Build the App Store Optimization(ASO) of the Popular App

To optimize ASO, you must first understand the influencing factors of ASO, the importance of these factors, which methods are suitable for Android and IOS, and how to optimize ASO for free.

1.ASO influence factors

ASO optimization of google play searches

There are many Android stores. Some stores provide the function of submitting keywords in the backend, while others cannot; some have weights in the text in the application description, and some do not. So the overall idea is: coverage of hot words + optimization of downloads + optimization of comment + product level optimization + event exposure.

Hot word optimization is mainly submitted in the background to cover more hot words, mainly considering the product name, product introduction, and keywords. Of course, avoid the risk of hot word conflicts when covering. For details, please refer to the hot word coverage library of the respective company and other professional team suggestions

The optimization of downloads is mainly through internal activity diversion or other operation methods, and the download volume is optimized according to the safety value, which can be reflected in the application store soaring list and other lists

Comment optimization mainly uses internal user guides to improve comment ratings

Product level optimization still requires more contact with store operations, mainly participating in some store planning activities, active capacity development and sharing, etc., which can increase some product level points and facilitate communication and operation in business.

The main purpose of the event exposure is to occupy the exposure position of the store. Events pages, topic pages, rankings, and other locations with high exposure, require business and application stores to maintain communication from time to time to strive for more exposure.

ASO optimization of ios app store searches

The factors that affect IOS ASO :

  • Application Name;
  • Keywords or tags applied;
  • Application description;
  • Applied ICON;
  • Screenshots and videos of the application;
  • User evaluation;
  • App installs;
  • The number of active users, proportion and short-term retention rate, short-term downloads, and social sharing data.

The weight order of these factors is: application name>keywords or tags>application description>user comments. Generally, the application name is determined before submission and rarely changes. Of course, students who are aware of it in advance have to consider it carefully when naming the APP. After all, the application name belongs to the highest weight of these factors. User reviews and short-term downloads require a certain amount of capital investment. So in terms of the scope of optimization, it basically focuses on the title keywords and application description.

2.Copywriting rules


About 255 bytes, 90 characters; in principle, make full use of all characters, but you can not pile up keywords meaningless; you must ensure that the sentence is smooth and without contradictions. The weights of Title and keywords cannot be superimposed, so do not repeat them. Use the high weight of the subtitle to optimize each keyword. When the existing keyword ranks high, select other keywords.


  • There are 100 characters in total, the higher the weight, the greater the weight;
  • Delete the next version that has no search ranking, no popularity and meaningless word segmentation;
  • The core keywords must be placed in the APP Title;
  • Analyze a large number of keywords of competing products, compare the popularity, and establish a dictionary of your own APP;
  • Choose 10 competing products in descending order of popularity, and the top five competing products can all be placed in Keywords.

Application description

Control the number of descriptive words from 300 to 500, and ensure that the core keywords appear 8-12 times, It is best to show the company’s contact information such as: Facebook, Twitter, whatapp, phone, etc. The weight of the description and the weight of the keyword can be superimposed.

User comment

When making comments, write the comments in advance. If you want to focus on optimizing certain keywords, you can make these keywords appear frequently in each comment. This operation will help you improve the keyword ranking. However, since the second half of last year, Apple’s crackdown on the list, the weight of downloads and comments has been gradually lowered, especially those accounts with very low weights for downloads and comments, which almost have little effect on the weight of APP, unless it is heap volume. , But the risk factor is very high.


The overall idea is: high relevance + moderate competition difficulty/flow + forward placement.

The above is my summary of the current ASO optimization methods. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you have a budget, you can also consider: increasing the daily activation rate and ranking; keyword-leading methods, such as a large number of searches for certain Download Rishiqing for a keyword to improve the keyword ranking.