"Logic Square" App Analytics: ASO Keyword Monitoring | ASOTools

"Logic Square" App Analytics: ASO Keyword Monitoring | ASOTools

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Are you doing Logic Square app analytics for better app store ASO strategies? Whether Logic Square in app store keep on top? What keyword tactics Logic Square take to rank well in app store? Are app store keywords like "logic square", "fn dev", "logic square puzzle" matter in Logic Square ranking?

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App Analytics: Logic Square

Logic Square, published by Dev Square in app store, released on 2011-06-10, and last updated 2021-05-05. It belongs to all category, and all category is ranking no rank in app store. Currently, Logic Square has 156 ratings, the average rating is 5. Additionally, it had - downloads and - revenue last month in app store worldwide, and the daily active users is -.

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ASO Keyword Monitoring: Logic Square

1.Logic Square Top 10 App Store Keywords

Keyword Search Volume KD Related Apps Logic Square's Rank
logic square 1 630 27 236 1
fn dev 2 - 14 62 1
logic square puzzle - - 20 153 1
mobile9 deco - - 19 167 1
pictogram 26 4610 44 221 1
game dwsa - - 36 202 1
dev game - - 19 197 1
nomogram logic - - 45 208 1
dev games 1 427 20 197 1
ganedev 2 - 36 199 1

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Obviously, Logic Square is ranking for "logic square", "fn dev", "logic square puzzle", "mobile9 deco", "pictogram", "game dwsa", "dev game", "nomogram logic", "dev games", and "ganedev" these top 10 keywords in app store.

Also, you'll find Logic Square's position in app store search result. Logic Square is ranking 1 for logic square, ranking 1 for fn dev, ranking 1 for logic square puzzle, and ranking 1 for mobile9 deco. For more Logic Square keyword monitoring, please visit asotools.io.

2. Top 5 Keyword-Related Apps & App Analytics

  • logic square  Related Apps & App Analytics
Apps Average Star Ratings
Logic Square 5 156
Picture Cross-5000+ Nonogram puzzles! 4 51948
Logic Grid Puzzles-No Ads, Easy-Hard, Smart Hints 5 13042
Logic Grid Puzzles - Word Games For Brain Training 4 1057
Pixelogic-Picross Picture Logic Puzzles 4 98

"logic square" has 236 apps. Top 5 are Logic Square, Picture Cross, Logic Grid Puzzles, Logic Grid Puzzles - Word Games For Brain Training, and Pixelogic.

  • fn dev  Related Apps & App Analytics
Apps Average Star Ratings
The Fixies Town: Little Games!-Play 8 Games & 6 Educational! 4 976
Logic Square 5 156
Little Tiaras: Magic Princess!-My Fairy School and Fun Game! 4 336
Bounty Puppy-merge puppy to have fun 4 523
Fixies vs Crabots: 6 Fun Games-Play Educational Super Sports! 4 358

"fn dev" has 62 related apps in total. Top 5 are The Fixies Town: Little Games!, Logic Square, Little Tiaras: Magic Princess!, Bounty Puppy, and Fixies vs Crabots: 6 Fun Games.

  • logic square puzzle  Related Apps & App Analytics
Apps Average Star Ratings
Knots Puzzle-Connect the same color dots 5 12977
Wood Puzzle Game-Drag & Fill Wood Block Puzzle 4 9909
Logic Square 5 156
CRIMO-Logical Crime Investigations 4 2208
Hexic Link - Logic Puzzle Game-Hexagon Connect Puzzle Game 4 283

"logic square puzzle" has 153 related apps in app store. Top 5 are Knots Puzzle, Wood Puzzle Game, Logic Square, CRIMO, and Hexic Link - Logic Puzzle Game.

  • mobile9 deco  Related Apps & App Analytics
Apps Average Star Ratings
GunApp 4 865
Hearts: Card Game-#1 Fun & Classic Tabletop Game 4 34582
SmartCards+ Spaced Repetition-Make, Import & Use Flash Cards 4 1378
Elgato Stream Deck Mobile-Evolve Your Content 4 708
Card Maker Creator for Pokemon-Best editor for pokemon cards 4 1019

"mobile9 deco" has 167 related apps. Top 5 apps are GunApp, Hearts: Card Game, SmartCards+ Spaced Repetition, Elgato Stream Deck Mobile, and Card Maker Creator for Pokemon.

  • pictogram  Related Apps & App Analytics
Apps Average Star Ratings
Nonogram.com - Number Puzzle-Picture cross number games 4 91784
Nonograms Katana-Sharpen your mind! 5 2259
Picture Cross-5000+ Nonogram puzzles! 4 51948
Pictoword: Fun Word Quiz Games-Top Offline Picture Guess App 4 81924
Nonogram - IQ Logic Pic Puzzle-Picture Cross Griddlers Game 4 8389

221 apps are ranking for "pictogram" in app store. Top 5 apps are Nonogram.com - Number Puzzle, Nonograms Katana, Picture Cross, Pictoword: Fun Word Quiz Games, and Nonogram - IQ Logic Pic Puzzle.

As you can see, Logic Square, Logic Square, and Picture Cross are ranking for logic square, also, Logic Square, The Fixies Town: Little Games!, Logic Square and Bounty Puppy are all competing the keyword fn dev.

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