Pay Attention to These 6 Keys-Your App Store Optimization Efficiency(ASO) Will Be Greatly Improved

Pay Attention to These 6 Keys-Your App Store Optimization Efficiency (ASO) Will Be Greatly Improved

Aso meaning is App Store Optimization. How to do ASO optimization is undoubtedly the hottest topic in AppStore in the past year or two. Whether it is the promotion of channels or the pain of KPI assessment, just like the rise of SEO, more and more people are beginning to contact and understand. Next, I teach you 6 keys to note to optimize your ASO effect.

1. App title is not as long as possible

According to statistics, all top-ranked apps have shorter titles, and lower-ranked apps have longer titles. Apps with long titles account for about 20% of the top 100. It is obvious that there are not too many apps with long titles.

Suggestion: The APP title contains keywords and pay attention to the number of keywords. The title can describe the application scenarios of the APP in detail as much as possible. The purpose of the keywords is to make users better remember when searching. Some words that describe the purpose of the application can be added to the application name, so that users can understand its purpose at a glance as much as possible, which will be more conducive to driving the target user to further understand the application or download the application directly.

2. Appropriate tags and as many effective keywords as possible

Users will select apps based on label classification, and when users browse the rankings or view app details, they will not only pay attention to the app icon and app name, but also see some keywords (about 10 words, specific Affected by different mobile phone brands and screen sizes). Putting the most important keywords at the top of the title will be more conducive to users to capture effective information.

Suggestion: When you really take a serious attitude to optimize the application for keywords, the first thing you have to do is to choose an appropriate label for the APP to classify, and then find some great keywords to correspond to the APP.

3. Attractive icon

A good icon is essential to the success of the application. If the icon design is smart and attractive, it can effectively increase the user’s click-through rate of the application on the search result list page. If the icon reflects the core function of the product and tells the user its main purpose, it can catch the target user’s attention in just a few seconds and attract them to further understand the application information. If the user is willing to take the time to understand the information of the application, then they are one step closer to downloading this application.

4. Beautiful screenshots and videos

Whether browsing application information in search results or viewing application details, there are only 1 to 2 screenshots that can be automatically presented to users in the first place.

1) If you can upload a video, you must upload it. The video will occupy a great advantage in the search results;

2) The size specifications of the uploaded screenshots should be in accordance with the market requirements, while keeping the screenshots clear and not adding watermarks;

3) Regularly update the application version to help maintain the ranking.

5. Increase app downloads and praise

No user is willing to download an app that not many people have downloaded and used, and no user is willing to download an app full of bad reviews. APP downloads are similar to web page views, so this is an important indicator. It provides relatively large user downloads and higher scores and good reviews, which will help improve the APP’s ranking in the application market, thereby increasing natural users Downloads.

6.Increase the frequency of APP use as much as possible

There are several ways to increase the frequency of APP use:

1) Provide high-quality content;

2) Increase the push reminder in the APP (easy to cause harassment, need to be combined with the actual situation of the APP, use it with caution);

3) Increase the exposure of APP in the website;

4) Brand exposure of offline products purchased;

5) (Register accounts in major forums/channels to increase APP exposure).